Welcome to the Interactive Data Visualization and Analysis Platform demo-zone!

The main Platform target is to design analytical tools functioning on the principles of operational office.

We created a modern technology, that uses for work with huge datasets a high-quality 3D computer graphics which appears to be consolidated information about the functioning of an organization, a city or a whole sector. Monitoring centers based on IDVP have the ability to work on any devices – from a cell phone to a video-wall and with most of modern operational systems.

The technology relevance depends on the increase of informational flows volume and limited working hours of top-management. Our technology guarantees clear and fast perception of existing problems and possible ways to solve them with the help of visual images and digital patterns, similar to a particular business and a sector.

A digital pattern is a visual 3D model of an organization and its processes: either a warehouse, a financial and analytical bank system, a city transport system or an industry sector. All decisions are based on gamification principles – to apply approaches that are typical for games to real life.

Thus, Monitoring centers based on IDPV allow to cut the hours of top-management for situational analysis and making right decisions instantly.